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-July 28th, 2019

Brix Labs is Transforming the AI industry

American startup, Brix wants to use the latest AI technologies to help you and your business optimize its business potential in a cost-and-time effective manner. Instead of sticking to the bread and butter, it’s time to beef up your business potential and ride with the technology revolution in the Digital Age...

-July 8th, 2019

Target Security Breach Overview

Target Corporation Data Breach occurred in December, 2013. Attackers breached Target Corporation and retrieved an estimated 70 million pieces of personally identifiable information. The identity of the attackers remains unknown. The tactics, techniques, and procedures of the attackers were fairly generic, resulting in their activity being difficult to trace and identify. The tools they may have used were not necessarily malicious and rather seem to have been generic IT tools...

-June 11th, 2019

CVE and CVSS Briefing

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, commonly known as CVEs, are recorded information and security issues that aim to create an easily accessible list of security threats for professionals...

-June 4th, 2019

How Hard Is It To Build An App?

Developing software requires a highly professional software development team with matching skills. Many companies will find a professional development team to complete a project. Businesses often have changing needs...

-May 28th, 2019

Is Your Information Secure?

In the first half of 2018, information of 50 million users on Facebook has been leaked; then in the second half of the year, Marriott announced that its SPG database was attacked, and up to 500 million guests were at risk of exposing their credit card and identity information worldwide; in March 2019, TikTok also faced a fine of up to $5.7 million because of a violation of the Children's Privacy Regulation Act...


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